The Play's the Thing.

Hi. Welcome to Gamecreature. My name is Kyle Miller and I want you to have fun. Whether it's playing a game, browsing for something to read or even filling out a form, a fun experience makes things easier and more pleasant. I make things fun to do.

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"In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job's a game." - Mary Poppins

Creative Design

More than just making a pretty picture, creative design involves using the tools (such as Adobe Creative Cloud) to build a satisfying experience.


Call it coding, scripting or programming, it's not only the skill to bring life to an interactive experience, but also knowing what are the best options available.

User Experience

It means taking the time to create an experience that fits the overall theme or mood. And making sure that it's approachable and intuitive.

Here’s some stuff I made recently.

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Game Development Demo

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Some of the work I did as a developer and designer at Poptropica. Most of the animation was done in code, using geometry and particle effects to give life to the objects. The video itself was put together in Adobe After Effects.

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